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Pre & Post Treatment Instructions


Before Your Procedure

  • Bring a pair of loose fitting shorts with you to each visit.  
  • Once you receive compression hose, bring them back with you to each visit.
  • Do not wear any lotion on your legs the day of treatment. You may apply moisturizer to your legs 24 hours after your treatment   
  • On average, each spider vein requires 2 to 4 treatments before resolution



After Your Procedure



  • Expect to have minimal to mild pain, bruising and swelling for the first 24 hours after therapy.
  • The veins WILL LOOK WORSE before they look better.
  • There will be bruising which is normal.
  • Occasionally there is a hard knot that may be tender. This is normal and will resolve.
  • Occasionally there is a brownish discoloration after injections. This is transient and will fade over time.
  • Occasionally there will be tenderness in the area treated. Extra strength Tylenol will help with this discomfort.
  • Do not swim or use hot tub for 3 weeks after your procedure
  • No airplane rides for at least 14 days after treatment.
  • Do not expose treated area to the sun or tanning bed. (Can cause new vessel formation and post-operative pigment changes to last longer)


Day 1 to 3

  • Wear prescribed compression stockings for a continuous 24 hours after procedure.
  • May remove stockings, tape and cotton balls after 24 hours and take a shower. Put the stockings back on after the shower and wear night and day for an additional 48 hours.
  • Take over-the-counter Tylenol per directions as needed for pain.
  • Avoid Motrin and Aspirin.
  • Take over-the-counter Benadryl per directions as needed for itching.
  • Use ice packs for especially sore areas.
  • Elevate legs for added pain relief.
  • Resume normal diet and medications.
  • Resume normal daily activities, except you should avoid strenuous activities such as high impact aerobics, running, or weightlifting.
  • Walk at least 1 hour per day.
  • No hot baths or hot tubs. Shower with your stockings or take a sponge bath.


Day 4 to 7

  • Wear compression stockings during day hours for next 4 days (put on in the morning and take off before going to bed).
  • Use a triple antibiotic ointment per package instructions on any ulcers or tape blisters.
  • You may shower with stockings off, but continue to avoid hot baths and hot tubs.
  • Resume normal athletic activities as tolerated.
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