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IV Hydration & Nutrition

Evolve Medical Associates is excited to introduce our IV Hydration and Nutrition Service. IV therapy (also known as 'infusion therapy') is a common, low-risk procedure used to rehydrate the body directly via a vein, thus bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. It's the fastest, most efficient delivery method to distribute vital fluids and nutrients throughout your body. When would you use it? These infusions are great for general wellness as well as combating: fatigue, jet lag, hangovers, minor colds/flu-like symptoms, muscle cramping.

Every client is evaluated by a physician and every infusion is administered by a physician or experienced registered nurse. Because of this we are able to administer prescription medications such as Zofran, Pepcid and Toradol if needed. Treatments are given in a relaxing environment and generally take between 30-45 minutes.

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standard infusions

  • Standard Infusions $169
  • Customized infusions available


  • Boosters $30
  • Shots $25
  • Oxygen (30 min) $15
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