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Chemical Peels Charlotte

Chemical peels in Charlotte, NC at Evolve Medical Associates can help you have soft, radiant skin. Visit our skin care specialists.

Chemical peels are an important adjunct to skin care because they maximize and expedite the results that can proper skin care can provide. Visit Evolve Medical Associates for a chemical peel in Charlotte, NC to smooth and soften your skin, brighten your complexion, minimize pore size, and reduce discoloration. 


Superficial Peels

Superficial peels are the lightest of all chemical peels. In Charlotte, NC at Evolve Medical Associates, these peels are performed by our highly trained estheticians under a doctor’s supervision and require about 30 to 45 minutes. You may experience mild, temporary burning and itching. Immediately following your peel, you can apply makeup and return to your usual activities. Most will have no outward evidence of the peel, but those with fair skin may have a red complexion for a day. 

Following each peel, your dead superficial skin will shed. You will see the maximal effect two weeks after each peel. Six peels are usually required at two week intervals to achieve optimal results. Thereafter, you may maintain your results with superficial peels every one to three months. Superficial peels are used in conjunction with a skin care program for best results. 


Medium Peels 

Medium chemical peels are highly effective in promoting skin smoothness and vitality, improve color, texture, skin tone, and fine wrinkles. Medium depth peels can be achieved with a variety of chemicals. TCA (trichloro acetic acid) is the most common. Jessner’s solution, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and other agents are also used. These peels are applied by our physicians. Medium peels may be repeated every three to six months for optimal results. Unlike deep peels, medium peels may be performed safely on people with olive and light brown skin. They may also be used in some people with dark brown skin, although the risk of discoloration is higher.


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