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Dermaplaning Charlotte

Dermaplaning in Charlotte, NC at Evolve Medical Associates can make your skin smoother and prepare it for other skin rejuvenation treatments.


Dermaplaning helps to “refinish” the skin through a method of controlled surgical scraping. The treatment gives the skin a smoother appearance. Dermaplaning is most often used to improve the look of facial skin that has shallow acne scars, mildly raised scars from accidents or previous surgeries, as well as to smooth out small imperfections, textural irregularities and wrinkles. It can sometimes be used to remove the pre-cancerous growths called actinic keratoses. At Evolve, we offer dermaplaning in Charlotte, NC for small areas of skin or the entire face.


Dermaplaning can be used alone or to prepare the skin for other procedures such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and photorejuvenation (also called IPL). When performed prior to other treatments, it can remove the “peach fuzz” which can trap excess dirt and oil. 

After dermaplaning, make-up will go on much smoother. It is non-invasive and helps make other skin care treatments more effective.

 (This treatment is only recommended for female clients.)


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