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New Year's Resolution didn't go as planned? A detox kit will help kickstart your weight loss goals!

Aaron Chacon

Your liver is the primary site for fat metabolism. A healthy liver will ensure fat loss is rapid. See, the liver works in a two phase process - the first phase being conjugation and the second, excretion. Ideally, these two phases would be working in sync with one another. However, the reality is that one cycle may be working more rapidly or slower than the other. Think of two cogs turning together. If one of the liver's cycles isn't working efficiently, there will be a build up of metabolites. Simply put, fat burning and removal of toxins becomes very inefficient. 


Detoxing helps ensure this two-phase process doesn't slow down. It's packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that feed into each cycle in the liver. I utilize this as a tool for anyone starting a weight loss program and the results are phenomenal. We have two options here at Evolve; a 28 day detox and a 7 day detox. There is no calorie restriction when taking these. It's as simple as taking these as a supplement in addition to your diet. 

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